"He was a wonderful public servant. He cared deeply about our community. He cared deeply about our nation, our state." — Karen Hale, Orton's running mate in the 2000 governor's race.

"He was far too young. I lived in Utah County when he was first elected to Congress. He will be missed. He served with honor, and his family should be most proud of his service to his country and the state of Utah." — Rep. Jason Chaffetz

"As a congressman, he was always well prepared to defend his position, which was often independent of either party. He was an important figure in Utah's political history, and Joyce and I mourn his passing." — Sen. Bob Bennett

"This is a great loss to our state. Bill carried a strong commitment to serving the people of Utah with him to Washington, D.C. He was a true Westerner with the independence that Utahns value in their elected officials. Even today, in the part of my district that was once part of his, people remember his efforts on their behalf." — Rep. Jim Matheson

"My thoughts and prayers are with Jacquelyn and the Orton children at this difficult time. He was a dedicated public servant who worked to serve his constituents to the very best of his ability. He loved his family greatly, and he also loved our wonderful state. He will be missed by many for his knowledge and experience, including me." — Sen. Orrin Hatch

"Congressman Orton was dedicated to public service and his love for and commitment to our state were clearly evident in his life. This is a sad loss and our hearts and prayers go out to his family at this time." — Rep. Rob Bishop

"Bill was a paragon of principle. He wanted to do the right thing in government and didn't care much about the politics or the consequences. He was a model for Democrats in Utah County because he was a public servant who believed that the voters would be attracted to a moderate who eschewed strong partisanship and extremist ideologies. I'm glad we were able to honor him with the naming of the Orton Circle while he was alive. We will miss him." — Richard Davis, chairman of the Utah County Democratic Party

"Working with Congressman Orton was an honor. He was so smart, cared deeply about Utah, and worked tirelessly for issues important to him and those he represented in the House of Representatives. On a personal note, nothing was more important than his family. He will be missed by many." — Melodie Rydalch, former State Director for Congressman Orton