In response to Derek Monson's My View "Not All Americans are 'Greenwashed'" (April 13), here are three reasons why renewable and sustainable energy should be taken seriously even if you don't believe in global warming:

The great metropolises of Los Angeles, Beijing, Mexico City and our own Salt Lake City are asphyxiating under layers of smog. Air pollution from fossil fuels causes (and aggravates) thousands of respiratory illnesses and birth defects every year.

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Fossil fuels are a finite, rare resource, with much under the control of undemocratic, inhumane regimes. Renewable energy is rated to last 5 billion years and is available for development everywhere the sun shines, the wind blows or the field stands ready for planting

The monuments of our forefathers are literally dissolving under sheets of acid rain. Unique, priceless and immovable masonry and sculpture worldwide may fade forever.

If you don't believe in global warming, that's fine. There are plenty of other reasons why we should pursue renewable energy.

Daniel Snow

Cottonwood Heights