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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Wedding and reception sites are becoming more creative lately. It's not all about the catered wedding hall anymore.

Vintage. Romantic. Green. Individual.

Those are some of the words you might hear this wedding season as couples choose to make their nuptial celebrations more personalized, yet simple.

Colors are rich and earthy, with blues, browns and even jewel tones being used for table linens and bridesmaid dresses. Instead of bright Gerber daisies, brides are opting for more subdued flower hues.

And wedding and receptions sites are becoming more creative. It's not all about the catered hall anymore. Some couples are going to music clubs, or even a local farmhouse to throw their wedding party.

"Everyone wants their wedding to be unique and to showcase them as a couple," said Chelsie Crane with Ruby Avenue Events, a wedding and event design company that serves the Wasatch Front.

From Crane's perspective, one of the top trends this season is for brides to "go green" with their wedding celebrations. That could mean choosing recycled invitations or creating a menu with locally grown or organic items.

Other trends include using fun patterned fabrics, monograms and unique touches to customize a wedding, according to Crane.

Her advice is for couples to not be afraid to break out of the traditional mold for receptions. A wedding should be a celebration, she said.

"There's a lot you can do besides stand in a line and shake hands," Crane said. "A wedding should be an event where you have the time of your lives."

Likewise, Emma Harris and Raelynn Johnson with Modern Display say brides and grooms shouldn't be afraid to design the wedding of their dreams — even if they're on a budget.

When meeting with couples, both Harris and Johnson will ask the prospective bride or groom to describe their dream event. They will then offer ideas and examples to help the bride and groom plan.

One idea is for couples to forego a traditional wedding cake and instead serve a "favor" cake with small boxes of chocolates or other treats guests can take with them.

Other ideas include using fewer flowers on table settings and instead displaying one or two flowers in a unique vase or jar.

Harris said she believes one of the top trends this season is the desire to create a romantic feeling at a reception and wedding. As a result, styles are becoming more vintage and old-fashioned, with wedding dresses that are no longer the traditional white and flower colors and linens that are more sophisticated, Johnson said.

Either way, both Johnson and Harris believe a couple can have the wedding they always dreamed of. The key is to be flexible and open-minded to different ideas.

"There are a lot of small touches that add a lot," Harris said.

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