PROVO, Utah — After watching their father's successful career through the years, the Truman brothers are ready to make their own mark on the music world.Being the sons of Dan Truman, keyboard/pianist for Diamond Rio, has taught these brothers a lot about the career they've chosen to enter.\"Since we were little, we've had the opportunity to check out the music business,\" Ben Truman said.He and his brother said many people would tell them it is impossible to really make it in the music business. But they said they have learned otherwise through watching their dad's success.Ben, the older, recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in finance, and Chad is working on his degree in media music.They have just finished recording a mini-CD in Nashville, Tenn., where they hope a record company will hear their music and offer them a deal.Thursday night they performed two of their songs, \"I Want You There\" and \"You Could Be Why,\" in the ( \"Showcase\" online music contest. They were voted third place in \"Showcase\" and received a prize of $1,000.The brothers love performing together. They compared themselves to the Anamaniac characters, Pinky and the Brain. Pinky (Chad) is there for his good looks and the Brain (Ben) graduated from BYU with an impressive GPA so he must be the brains of the operation, the brothers said.Ben said writing is his favorite part of the musical process and said they like to perform songs in the genres of pop, rock and hints of soul and jazz.Their musical inspirations include Stevie Wonder and John Mayer.\"(In five years) we'd like to have a record and (be) touring the country,\" Ben said. Chad added, \"With John Mayer.\"Being the sons of a famous artist has been more of a blessing than a burden for these brothers while pursuing their musical career.\"The one that lifts the pressure the most is our dad. We're the ones who put most of the pressure on ourselves,\" Ben said.While these brothers still have a way to go before they obtain their dream of going on tour, their good looks and catchy tunes will surely aid them in their pursuit.

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