Peaceable solution

BYU vs. Utah for the championship.

It doesn't get any better.

Except the part where the Marriott Center security guard high-fives fans after kicking a Ute fan out. And the part where the BYU fan prays for the Utes and a Ute fan interrupts by shouting "Yeah!" And the part where the BYU students boo back.

Now there's a chance the Cougars and Utes could meet in the Mountain West Conference championship game, Saturday, in Las Vegas.

It might get ugly, like the time in football when a BYU fan leaped out of the stands to tackle a Ute cheerleader. And the times the Utah fans dumped beer on the Cougars as they went to the locker room.

Just thinking: If it actually does come down to BYU vs. Utah again, couldn't they avoid a lot of the trouble by just playing rock-paper-scissors?

Short changed

Speaking of which, the USA Rock Paper Scissors League (USARPS) is holding championship matches now through March 21 in Panama City Beach, Fla., with the winner earning $20,000 in college tuition.

A few of the schools represented are New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado State, Nebraska, North Carolina, Syracuse and Pennsylvania.

Which is nice, except for one thing: Since when did $20,000 cover tuition at Penn?


ESPN has been listing its Mt. Rushmores of Sports, including those from each state.

Utah's Rushmores were Steve Young, LaVell Edwards, John Stockton and Karl Malone.

No Carlos Boozer to be found.

However, Boozer did make another list — Alaska's.

He is joined by a couple of Iditarod racers and hockey player Scott Gomez.

Rock On would also like to nominate Boozer's name for the Rushmores of Injured Players, the Rushmores of Eyebrows and the Rushmores of Guys You'll Never Figure Out.

Fine dining

When you're a sports writer, you're not expecting to dine with celebrities.

But seriously, Eva Longoria Parker?

The not-so-desperate housewife of Tony Parker showed up in the press room for dinner prior to the Spurs-Clippers game, last week.

Gee, the most famous non-player Rock On ever saw in the press room for dinner was Hubie Brown.

Oh, and Merlin Olsen — TV's Father Murphy.

But he didn't stay for dinner.

He was just there to borrow a froe and a cornsheller.

Trucked out

Deseret News beat writer Tim Buckley noted last week that had a special truck for sale: one belonging to Deron Williams.

The 2007 Ford F350 was advertised as being black, with 3,500 miles on it. Selling price: $60,000.

Meanwhile, reported Brett Farve had his 2007 Ford F150 for sale on eBay.

"This truck is owned by Brett Favre. He will sign the dashboard upon the request of the buyer," the ad said.

Rock On thinks this would be an opportune way for any guy to score a new truck.

All he has to do is tell the wife he's going out to get an autograph.