The greatest good that has come from Sen. Chris Buttars speaking openly, honestly and without filter, is that he has been exposed for who he is. Time and time again he proves how he feels about people who are not white and not Mormon. He has proven in words and in deed that he is a bigot.

That is not an ad hominem attack. It is simple truth.

This has not only created a stir in Salt Lake City and Utah's gay community. This is now national and international news. Sen. Buttars has single-handedly brought more attention to backward beliefs, bigoted thinking, false information and stereotypical Utah attitudes than any gay or transgender activist could ever hope to bring.

I happen to agree with the Senate action. The harsh truth for those of us who are a bit more enlightened and a bit more progressive is that the voters should decide if this man serves or not. I don't believe that he should be removed by the Senate until he breaks the law or violates the terms of his oath. It is up to the voters of West Jordan to decide if a bigot represents them.

In my Mormon youth, I was taught, "Where much is given, much is required." So many Utahns and so many Mormons support equal rights for gay and transgender people. Recent polls show that the Utah Legislature is out of step. It is time for it to listen to the silent majority and stop being frightened into submission by America Forever, The Sutherland Institute and Gayle Ruzicka's Eagle Forum.

Dominique Storni

Salt Lake City