The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a complaint in federal court against a Utah company that produces video games and software, alleging workers have not been paid at least minimum wage since October.

The Labor Department also is seeking an injunction to make sure that the finished product the workers helped produce is not shipped or sold until the matter is resolved.

In supporting documents to the complaint, which was filed Jan. 14. in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, the government claims that Salt Lake-based Fooptube, which operates under the name Sensory Sweep, has failed to pay minimum wages and overtime to an estimated 198 employees. They are owed, the document states, more than $2 million.

The complaint alleges a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The court documents say the Labor Department responded to a complaint from a Fooptube employee and launched its investigation back in October. On Jan. 16, the department filed an injunction to prevent the company and its president, Dave Rushton, named individually in the complaint, from shipping any finished product associated with the alleged unpaid labor. That product, according to the document, included several video games developed for Wii, Nintendo, PS2 and Xbox gaming systems

Fooptube is negotiating with the government, according to the company's attorney, Peter Stirba. "Our client is actively negotiating a resolution and we expect that it will be resolved very shortly," he told the Deseret News.