Utah's Hogle Zoo has started construction on the new L.S. Skaggs Animal Health Center, which will be built in the same general location as the pre-existing animal treatment area.

The new facility will utilize portions of the old hospital building whenever possible. Prior to groundbreaking, the zoo's veterinary facilities, medical staff and equipment were temporarily moved to other areas on grounds, allowing for uninterrupted animal care throughout the construction process.

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Through a bidding and selection process, SIRQ Inc. in South Jordan was selected as the CM/GC for the project, with CLR Design located in Philadelphia working as the project architect in conjunction with a Utah-based engineering team.

The zoo's new Animal Health Center will almost double the amount of treatment, hospital and quarantine space than was previously available.

Additionally, the facility will feature holding and quarantine capabilities for larger animals.

Construction began in November 2008 and is projected for completion in fall 2009.