Now-former Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said goodbye quickly to his staff, in a video that took only 100 seconds.

Leavitt, the former Utah governor, told HHS employees in the video, "Working alongside all of you at HHS has been the public service experience of a lifetime."

He added, "For today, I simply want to say thank you."

He told the 70,000 workers in his department that they are "tasked to carry out the noble and the compassionate instincts of the American people."

Leavitt told them, "We share something in common, and that's a commitment to Americans becoming healthier and happier."

He called incoming HHS Secretary Tom Daschle "an able man with a good heart and a big job, and he's going to need the same kind of unwavering support that you have given me."

Leavitt concluded, " I fully expect a day will not pass in the future when I do not think of the time we spent together at HHS. I want to thank you, and may the people of the United States be healthier as a result of our labors."