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For the young and the young at heart, we've recently had the pleasure of perusing a few "comic" books. For more of "Mutts" and "L?," read the Deseret News' comics.

"CALL OF THE WILD: A Mutts Treasury," by Patrick McDonnell, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 208 pages, $16.99

Pet owners everywhere have been identifying with the antics of Earl and Mooch of the "Mutts" comic strip for more than 14 years. This is McDonnell's 17th compilation of these adorable pets and their owners. The strips teach lessons about friendship, love and the bond we share with our pets.

"SILENT BUT DEADLY: Another L? Collection," by Mark Tatulli, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 128 pages, $12.99

What would happen if there were a child for whom everything he imagined actually happened? L?'s world works that way; he can create almost anything he wants from everyday item. And what he wants to create are monsters, sea creatures and giant robots.

"FRAZZ 3.1416," by Jef Mallett, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 128 pages, $12.99

Bryson Elementary School janitor Edwin Frazier, known as "Frazz," tackles a host of new issues in the latest installment of the Frazz collection. "Frazz 3.1416" delves into Frazz's budding romance with first grade teacher Miss Jane Plainwell, Caulfield's continued pestering of his no-nonsense teacher Mrs. Olsen, and everyday challenges of elementary school life. After reading these strips, it's no wonder that the children of Bryson Elementary said they wanted to be janitors when they grew up.

"THE POTPOURRIFIC GREAT BIG GRAB BAG OF GET FUZZY," by Darby Conley, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 248 pages, $16.99

This fourth treasury offers lots of fun with its trio: mild-mannered guardian/mediator Rob Wilco, his anxiety-ridden but lovably gullible Sharpei-Lab Satchel, and the self-absorbed schemer, Bucky, a deviant cat. The collection includes strips from "I'm Ready for My Movie Contract" and "Take Our Cat, Please!"