A Provo company has developed what it calls "the world's first sports cereal" that's now for sale at Good Earth stores, six Whole Foods stores in Utah and Colorado, and speciality sports shops in other states.

The cereal is called Rokit Fuel for Humans, and it is packaged in compact pouches that consumers can pour into their mouths or pour into a bowl and add a half-cup of warm or cold water. The cereal is packed with protein, carbohydrates and fiber that can be helpful while cycling, running, surfing, climbing and other "butt-kickin' outdoor fun," according to the product packaging.

The cereal is all natural and 100 percent vegan. There are no preservatives or added oils.

Bernell Taylor of Rokit Fuel LLC said the company will have a presence in Utah. "We are part of the Utah's Own program and will focus our primary marketing for 2009 on a few key Western states, including Utah, California and Arizona," he said in an e-mail. "Our intent is to go deep into the target area and not try to cover the country all at once."

For more information, visit www.rokitfuel.com.

— Laura Hancock