From time to time, if we are living worthily, the Spirit of God touches our hearts and minds that our lives are improved forever. A warm feeling penetrates our hearts. The silent still, small voice speaks to us quietly, communicating through a burning in our bosom. Knowledge given to us from God draws us closer to him, sanctifying us and strengthening our desire to return to his presence.

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It was Christmas time in the Bavarian Alps in 1937. I have always loved Christmas. There is a special spirit about it. The chill in the winter air is the perfect counterpoint to the warmth that should fill our hearts as we contemplate the message of salvation found in the birth, and life, and the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

I experienced that warmth many years ago while serving as a missionary for the church just prior to the outbreak of World War II. As you might expect, the possibility of armed conflict was very intense. But, as Christmas approached, our thoughts were drawn to the Savior. We rejoiced in the privilege of serving him during that sacred season in the famous city of Salzburg, Austria.

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