Patriotism is alive and well in Salt Lake radio.

At least two radio stations, KUBL and KSFI, have regular Pledge of Allegiance segments each weekday.

Several years ago, KUBL's "Johnson and Johnson" began reciting the pledge at 7 a.m., and they still record school classes reciting the pledge and then air the segments. "Johnson and Johnson" have also organized various events supporting Utah's military over the years.

In recent months, "Brian and Rebecca" on the KSFI ("FM-100") morning show have also started broadcasting a Pledge of Allegiance on the air each weekday morning.

This has become so popular on KSFI that pledges are scheduled through Nov. 28. Classes from West Point, Clearfield, Sandy, Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden and more are all booked to recite the pledge on the air.

KSFI even accepts mp3 files from parents, so individual children can recite the pledge on-air.

Mark Van Wagoner, veteran Utah DJ who is now doing afternoons on KDYL (AM-1060), has also done many patriotic segments on his shows over the years.

For more details on KUBL's pledge broadcasts, go to For "FM-100," go to:

MORE ON MORNING DJ LONGEVITY — How you count a morning team's years on the air — continuous, at the same station or whatever — determines the rankings.

While Bill, Kerry and Gina of KXRK's "Radio From Hell" have the most years together consecutively, personalities at other stations are also worth mentioning.

"Todd and Erin" on KBEE have been together on FM-98.7 for 6 1/2 years since Feb. 14, 2002. But they had almost 7 1/2 years together on KISN (with Scott Fisher), so their total is 14 years on the air.

"Grant and Amanda" on KSL have been together on the air since May 14, 1993, minus an approximate two-year lapse when Amanda was in another career. So, "Grant and Amanda" have close to 13 years total on the air.

RADIO HAPPENINGS — Can't sleep at night? KLO (AM-1430) carries the "Midnight Radio Network," from 1-4 a.m. This news-talk show is from the Jones Radio Network and caters to the night owls, as well as those on the road.

KSOP is giving away a trip to San Diego to hear Taylor Swift perform as well as separate trips to the 42nd annual CMA Awards and the Phoenix 500.

Radio Disney, AM-910, will entertain at the annual Pumpkin Painting Festival, today, 3-6 p.m. at the Olympic Legacy Plaza at The Gateway. Radio Disney's "Road Crew" will lead the crowd in family-fun interactive games with music and prizes. Radio Disney's dancers will be on hand to teach kids the Monster Mash. Mini-pumpkins will be available to kids for painting.

TEN YEARS AGO IN SALT LAKE RADIO — KALL, KKAT and KODJ radio leave their historic South Temple location and movie to studios in West Valley City, putting seven Jacor stations at one place. ... KTUR, AM-1010, becomes KIQN.

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