An amnesia victim who walked into a pizza parlor six weeks ago and said, "Help me, I don't know who I am," now faces a new identity crisis.

"I've gotten lots of calls saying I'm two entirely different people," said the man, who dubbed himself John Jackson after he was taken to a homeless shelter in Huntington.Jackson's ordeal began May 3, when he woke up beside railroad tracks and Interstate 64 near where the borders of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky meet.

"I woke up in a field and the first thing I thought was `It's cold.' And then I wondered, `Where am I?' And then, `Who am I?' Then I realized I had no answers and it got very frightening," Jackson said Friday.

"He remembers certain things about certain places, but he can't remember his right name," said a volunteer at the Huntington City Rescue Mission.

"He was bewildered more than anything else," said mission cook Virginia Berry. "He was dressed OK, had on blue jeans. He has a beard, but it's well-trimmed and shaped and been taken care of. His hair's that way, too."

The man asked the mission staff to call him Jackson because he remembers roads and a baseball park in Jacksonville, Fla.

Once, when asked to sign his name, he started to write the letter P, "and then I forgot. The only name right then I could think of that started with a P was Paul, so maybe my first name is Paul. I don't know," he said.

He said he thinks he was born Jan. 1, 1948, which would make him 40, but doctors say he might be in his mid-30s.