Rock star Sting sings during anti-apartheid concert Saturday in London's Wembley Stadium. More than 70,000 fans sang "Happy Birthday" for jailed South African black leader Nelson Mandela. Modeled on the 1985 "Live Aid" event, which raised money for starving Africans, Saturday's charity rock concert was beamed by radio and television to an estimated 750 million people in 60 countries, including the United States and the Soviet Union. Among the performers were Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Dire Straits and the Bee Gees. The British Broadcasting Corp. said it was covering the 10-hour concert not as a political but as a musical event, but it broadcast opening comments that attacked South Africa's policy of apartheid, under which the nation's black majority has no voice in national affairs. Half the proceeds will go to anti-apartheid activities in Britain, and the rest will go to to seven children's charities in southern Africa. Tickets cost $45. Kicking off the show, singer-actor Harry Belafonte _ a veteran anti-apartheid campaigner _ called Mandela "the leader of South Africa's oppressed black people" and "a symbol of the fight against the cruel and unjust system of apartheid."