While the Disability Law Center applauds the efforts of Utah policymakers to proactively respond to lower-than-expected revenue projections, we are concerned that cutting budgets across the board may have the unintended consequence of harming individuals and families who depend on public programs to maintain their health, independence and productivity.

Utah can prudently manage its finances without hurting its most vulnerable residents if it is willing to seriously consider all options. First, the state's limited resources should be allocated and spent as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Second, the Legislature has to look at both one-time and ongoing money. Third, some construction and transportation projects may need to be delayed. Hopefully, the immediate crisis will serve as a catalyst for collaboration among the departments, the Legislature and the community to develop a system that better supports low-income individuals as well as people with disabilities and their families over the long run.

Andrew Riggle

public policy advocate

Disability Law Center