PROVO — Video of the Provo Police Department's enforcement of crosswalk laws is available on the city's Web site,

Provo police have conducted several crosswalk-enforcement operations over the past few months. A plainclothes officer walks back and forth in a marked crosswalk while other officers watch for drivers who violate pedestrian safety laws.

Utah law requires motorists to stop at the line before the crosswalk when a pedestrian is "near or upon the half of the roadway which the vehicle is traveling."

The effort is funded by a grant from the Utah Department of Health and is intended to be an enforcement and educational tool.

The video portrays an operation at 700 W. Center on Aug. 8 and also can be seen on Google Video. In the video, the decoy officer pushed a grocery cart containing an orange pylon draped with a fluorescent safety vest. The three-minute video shows seven violations that day and is typical, Provo spokeswoman Helen Anderson said.

Provo police will conduct a final crosswalk-enforcement operation Friday in the same area, on Center Street between 500 West and I-15.