Amy Barnett

Amy Barnett is the owner of 50 Star Productions, which helps put on events for the National Football League and other nationwide organizations.

She is also a songwriter and lives in Bountiful.

In fact, it is her CD, "Whether the Moments or Years," that has people talking. The CD is a collection of songs that Barnett wrote for breast-cancer awareness. Barnett wrote all the lyrics, and the music was written and arranged by Enoch Train bassist and Utah studio musician Rob Honey.

The songs were sung by Kerri Ewing of the Joe Muscolino band.

"I had put together a breast-cancer awareness event ... last year, and I had this song bouncing around in my head," Barnett said during an interview with the Deseret News. "So, when I got back home, I wrote it."

She had met Honey while she was producing the SeaTrek 2001 event with Enoch Train. And they had become friends.

"I told him about the song, and he wanted to write the music and arrange it," Barnett said.

When Barnett mentioned it to Ewing, the singer wanted to record it.

"I loved Kerri's voice the first moment I heard it," said Barnett, who cited Amy Grant and Chet Baker as her musical influences. "I used to watch her sing often, and one day we met at a gig through a mutual friend. And we've been friends ever since."

The song "I Choose Life" was Barnett's foray into writing songs for causes, she said. "I write sappy poetry. I have since I was young. But this is finally a poem that became a song."

Soon, Barnett wrote more poems, and a total of six have been recorded and arranged by Ewing and Honey for a CD called "Whether Moments or Years" that is available at

"I don't have anyone in my family who has breast cancer, "Barnett said. "But I have friends who have been affected by the disease. My family has a history of heart disease. I would like to do something in the future for heart disease, but right now I'm wanting to get word out about breast cancer."

The proceeds of the CD will be donated to cancer research and awareness, Barnett said." We play it when we do events. And it means a lot to me."

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