PROVO — Prosecutors have been granted another two months to decide if they'll seek the death penalty for David Ragsdale in his capital murder case.

Ragsdale appeared before 4th District Judge Claudia Laycock Wednesday with his attorney, Andy Howell, as the prosecution requested another 60 days before it has to give notice of intent to seek the death penalty. The new deadline is set for Dec. 1.

"Do you agree with that, Mr. Ragsdale?" Laycock asked before setting the new deadline.

"I do, your honor," he replied.

Prosecutor David Sturgill said the prosecution's case is ready to go, but they want to give the defense ample time to review the case with Ragsdale.

"It'll help them and Mr. Ragsdale make better decisions in this case," he said.

Defense attorney Dusty Kawai said they are still exploring options as to what is in the best interest of all parties involved.

This is the second time the prosecution has sought an extension in deciding whether to seek the death penalty, Sturgill said, and it will also be the last.

Ragsdale was charged with aggravated murder after police said he shot his wife, Kristy Ragsdale, multiple times in the parking lot of a Lehi LDS church on Jan. 6. On July 9, Ragsdale fired defense attorney Greg Skordas and was given court-appointed legal counsel. Ragsdale's sister, Tamara Ragsdale, has said her brother's actions on Jan. 6 were influenced by prescription drugs.

After the shooting, witnesses said Ragsdale left the parking lot in his car. He later turned himself in to Lehi police through his brother.

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