I feel thankful to live in a place where our children have so many opportunities to become physically fit. I am concerned, however, about the message we send to our children by the kinds of treats we are providing after their games.

Over the years I have seen everything from doughnuts, popcorn balls, candy bars and Rice Krispie treats given to children after their games. We encourage children to be physically fit, but when we give them junk food at the end of their games it negates all the exercise they just did. What is wrong with just playing the game for the fun of it without needing food as a reward?

Years ago I coached girls soccer at Murray High School, and parents brought an energy snack for halftime such as sliced oranges, half of a banana or a handful of almonds. What a great idea! Next time you sign up for treats, please do the children a favor and buy something healthy!

Jenny Correa