WEST VALLEY CITY — A man is in critical condition after his friend tried to stop him from drinking and driving and the two were in a subsequent motorcycle-car collision.

The accident happened Friday afternoon near 3300 South and 1300 West. Two men were at a house drinking when one of them got up to leave, said West Valley Police Capt. Tom McLachlan. The man left on his motorcycle, but his friend didn't think it was safe for him to drive, he said.

The man, who had also been drinking, got in his car and drove after his friend.

"He caught up with him, tried to get him to pull over, and in doing so, the two vehicles collided," McLachlan said.

The motorcycle rider was not wearing a helmet and suffered major head trauma. He was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition, he said.

While officers were investigating that accident and paramedics were attending to the patient, a pickup truck swerved into oncoming traffic to pass a vehicle, then drove back into its own lane and nearly hit two officers, McLachlan said.

"One officer had to drag the unconscious man (the motorcycle rider) several feet so he would not get hit," he said.

An officer chased after the truck and pulled it over. The driver was arrested for investigation of DUI.

McLachlan said the driver of the vehicle that hit the friend on the motorcycle also faces possible charges because he admitted he had been drinking prior to driving.