AMERICAN FORK— To prepare the community for upcoming bond elections Nov. 4, the city will hold a public hearing tonight and a town meeting Oct. 22. Both will be held at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 31 N. Church.

The elections will help determine if the city will finance improvements and development through the sale of bonds.

The first of five bonds proposed is the $4.32 million officials say is necessary for improving major roads in the region. These roads include 50 South, extending 1120 North to 900 West, and the 900 West 700 North intersection.

The second bond would be for completing the construction of Art Dye Park, with possible improvements including the widening of Beehive Road into the park, baseball and soccer fields, concession areas, restrooms and tennis courts. The cost for this project would equal $3.855 million.

The third bond would be $3.12 million to purchase additional cemetery property. The fourth bond, contingent upon the city's successful pursuit of a grant award, would amount to $2.29 million for needed trails in the city, plus open/recreational space on 600 North and 150 East.

The fifth bond for $5.03 million is to complete 560 West through to Pacific Drive.