One of the most common pieces of advice my husband, Seth, and I received when we got married was to keep courting throughout our marriage. It sounded like good counsel.

Since we worked together at the college newspaper for the first year of marriage, dating was simple -- it consisted of a nightly trip down to the cafeteria to split a veggie sub (the cheapest one on the menu) at Subway. We went home each night smelling of green peppers and newsprint, wholeheartedly in love with each other.

Things got trickier, as they always do, once the children started popping up, but we were determined to keep the flame alive. There weren't many volunteers to watch our three children, ages 3 and under, and we were still living on a student budget, so we had to be creative. Creative and childless in college meant climbing a mountain and eating Oreos, or buying ice blocks and crafting them into sculptures with screwdrivers. Creative with three kids meant reading C.S. Lewis together or lying head-to-head on the couch, surrounded by the mess of life, muttering the "Blues Clues" theme song ... "because we're really smart."

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