Busy signal

The LPGA's latest marketing bonanza, Anna Rawson, is waiting for your call.

Sort of.

Rawson, who is both a model and pro golfer, announced on her Web site that she is making her phone number available to the general public. She says she might even return some of the calls.

Rock On didn't try the number himself, partly because Mrs. Rock On laughed hysterically when he said he was thinking of calling her, and partly because he never did have much luck getting return calls from the ladies, even in high school.

But for the record, her number is 213-785-7675.

Also for the record, she's probably not available Friday night.

Different era

Former Utah football coach Urban Meyer says part of his meteoric rise to the top was fueled by really cheap food.

The Florida coach said free egg rolls at various joints kept him alive when he was a graduate assistant at Ohio State.

"Every day, man," Meyer said on his Gator Radio Network show. "Or I'd go to Wendy's and eat the salad bar for $1.25."

Now a lot has changed. There is no such thing as a Wendy's salad bar, and Meyer makes $3 million a year.

And never again will he have have to say, "You gonna eat that?"

Locked up

Rumors flew last week that Andrei Kirilenko was heading to Russia to play.

A Web site said Russian team CSKA wants to sign A.K. away from the Jazz. It all sounds pretty juicy, right up to the part where you realize Kirilenko is under contract through the 2010-2011 season.

Then there's the fact FIBA and the NBA have agreed not to raid other players that are still under contract.

Besides, A.K. already has what many of his NBA colleagues consider the world's most favorable contract: The one where his wife says he can have one annual extramarital fling, with her permission.

Worm musings

Lakers coach Phil Jackson, known for getting in people's heads, said last month that the greatest athlete he ever coached was Dennis Rodman.

That's right. The Worm was greater than MJ, Mailman, Kobe and Shaq.

"He could probably play a 48-minute game and play the 48th minute stronger than the first minute of the game," Jackson told the Orange County Register.

And then you start to wonder, who's really nuttier — Jackson or Rodman?

Top of the news

Headlines in TheOnion.com satire publication, last week: "NFL Fines Pacman Jones For Not Tucking Gun Into Pants" and "Some Guy Wearing Packers Uniform Throws For 328 Yards."

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