I read "Archbishop likely to gently brake Pelosi" — a prediction that Archbishop George H. Neiderauer will gently apply "brakes" to slow down Nancy Pelosi's attempt at being a rumor "accelerator" with her comment that not all Catholics agree where the beginning of life occurs. Pelosi's statement may have been broadly accurate; but she was merely hoping that her rumor might blur the issue just enough so Catholic voters might not use the topic of abortion in support of a presidential candidate.

I grew up as a Roman Catholic, and I agree that life begins at conception. I wish no abortions would occur. However, I realize that extraordinary circumstances happen in our world and I would make narrow exceptions in cases of rape/incest/life of the mother being in jeopardy — plus spiritual endangerment to the mother.

The abortion issue is very complex. Most people want to debate the morals of it using scientific or clinical terms. It's time to cease the tug-o-war between "pro-choice" and "pro-life" camps. I would prefer that both sides seek "common ground" and use biblical injunctions in their reasoning.

James A. Marples