A Rowland Hall soccer player was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital after suffering a serious neck injury in a varsity soccer match between the Winged Lions and St. Joseph late Monday afternoon at Sunnyside Park.

Carson Lyness, a freshman defender for Rowland Hall, crumpled to the ground deep in the penalty area in front of her team's net following a nasty collision with a Jayhawks player in the 62nd minute of the match.

The collision occurred as both players simultaneously went for a loose ball. Lyness landed face down on the grass and remained motionless for a short time.

"She kind of got sandwiched between the goalkeeper and one of my players and she went down," St. Joseph coach Alex Salvo said. "When I saw she couldn't stand, I thought 'Oh man. It might be something more serious.'"

Paramedics were called to the scene. They immobilized her neck and took Lyness from the park by ambulance.

Rowland Hall coach Jamie Wilhite remained by her player's side until she was loaded into the ambulance by paramedics. Wilhite reported that Lyness was still conscious and showed some movement in her fingers and toes.

She immediately knew something seriously wrong had occurred when the freshman defender continued to lie on the ground long after the referee had blown his whistle.

"Carson is one of the toughest kids around — hands down," Wilhite said. "If she goes down, it means she got hit pretty hard."

The extent of her injury wasn't immediately known and Lyness was taken to a hospital to have X-rays on her neck.

No further details on her condition were made available to the Deseret News. It is not known at this point when or if Lyness will return to the soccer field for Rowland Hall.

This injury comes as a blow to the Winged Lions. Although only a freshman, Lyness was a key starter in Rowland Hall's backline since the season began.

Wilhite and Salvo agreed to suspend the match in the 62nd minute with the Jayhawks leading 7-0. The remainder of the match will not be made up at a future time and it will count as St. Joseph's 12th victory on the season.

The Region 14 match was previously scheduled for last Thursday before being moved to Monday to work around a scheduling conflict at Sunnyside Park.

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