The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the release of thousands of minks from a farm on the west side of Kaysville.

In a communique posted on the group's Web site and sent to Utah news-media outlets, the ALF said three members were behind the "liberation" of the minks.

"On releasing about 10,000 mink we found and destroyed all breeding records. We also vandalized the trucks and various forms of equipment, including destroying the electrical fence and cutting about a hundred holes in the fence's perimeter," the group said. "Don't let the animals be destroyed so their skin can be worn by some rich (expletive). There is nothing glamorous about wearing an animal's carcass."

The FBI said Monday it was aware of the communique.

"We are looking into it," FBI Special Agent Juan Becerra told the Deseret News.

Asked if federal agents had identified any suspects in the vandalism, Becerra said, "I can't talk about that."

Davis County Sheriff's deputies said Sunday that about 6,000 minks were released from the farm in the western part of the city. Most of them were recovered and returned to the farm, deputies said.

The ALF said it took action to call attention to what it sees as poor living conditions and abuse of the minks. The group has been releasing minks to cause economic damage to fur farms, something it has dubbed "Operation Bite Back."

In the communique, the ALF urged more action against the fur industry, declaring, "It's been too long since we have fought. Now is the time. The pelting season is soon."

In August, the ALF claimed responsibility for another mink release at a South Jordan farm.

The Animal Liberation Front is a loose-knit collective of activists whose mission is to free animals used for things such as fur, science experiments or factory farms. The FBI has branded the group a domestic terrorist organization.

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