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Police stand by during the standoff with Brian Wood, who shot himself in the chest after the 12-hour stalemate Monday. Wood was rushed to the hospital.

FARMINGTON — A 12-hour standoff between police and a part-time firefighter came to an end Monday night when the man apparently fatally shot himself in the chest.

Around 9:10 p.m., the man — whom neighbors identified to KSL as Brian Wood — ended a daylong standoff with officers from Farmington, Clearfield and Bountiful, as well as deputies from the Davis County Sheriff's Office. A series of loud explosions went off, and officers yelled for Wood to drop his weapon. He then apparently shot himself outside his home near 115 E. 100 North. Police later confirmed that the man had died but would release no details regarding the nature of his injuries or how they were inflicted.

The standoff began around 9:30 a.m., said Farmington Police Chief Wayne Hansen. Police received reports of a domestic dispute between Wood and his wife. During the argument, a gunshot was fired into a garbage can outside the home. Wood's wife and her 10-year-old son were able to flee the house before officers engaged in a 12-hour deadlock with Wood.

During the standoff, Wood took up shelter in his pickup truck and occasionally held a gun to his head. Officers fired tear gas and broke the driver's side window of the truck where he was sitting. However, the tear gas apparently failed to land inside the truck.

Hansen declined to say what, if any, Wood's demands were in a 7 p.m. press conference. But he did say Wood was "not extremely cooperative" with officers.

Some officers on the scene were in camouflage and SWAT gear. They also deployed a robot typically used in bomb detonations. Officers evacuated the houses surrounding Wood's home.

At times, Wood got out of the truck while holding a gun to his head and talking on a cell phone with negotiators.

The standoff scene was kitty-corner from the Davis School District Administrative Offices, including the Richard E. Kendall building, which was in partial lockdown during the day. Employees working in the east side of the building were told to stay away from the windows, which had a vantage point to the man in the truck.

Both Farmington Junior High and Farmington Elementary schools are in close proximity, and according to Davis School District's assistant superintendent Paul Waite, the elementary school went into voluntary lockdown. Children were only allowed to leave if checked out to a parent. Parents of children living within a 12-block area were contacted and told to pick up their children, Davis district spokesman Chris Williams said. Approximately 186 children were affected by the incident.

After Wood shot himself Monday night, he was rushed to the hospital. Members of his family were on scene and were emotional.

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