A missing hunter spent a cold night in the mountains above Ogden but was found by search and rescue crews in relatively good condition Monday morning.

Dirk Haywood, 36, of Clearfield, was hunting Sunday with a friend and his two sons when he became separated from the group about 6 p.m., said Weber County Sheriff's Capt. Klint Anderson. The group was in the rugged Monte Cristo area, or Wasatch Ridge.

Other family members helped look for Haywood until about 10:30 p.m., Anderson said. About the same time , a Weber County Sheriff's deputy was responding to the area on a report of another missing hunter.

By the time the deputy got there, the other missing hunter was reunited with his group. But the group told the deputy they had passed members of Haywood's search party and that there was another missing hunter in the area.

Because of bad weather, darkness and rough terrain, the search and rescue crews weren't able to fully start their operation until Monday morning, Anderson said.

The temperature dropped nearly 30 degrees overnight where Haywood was. It also rained and snowed lightly Monday morning.

Nearly two dozen people, some on all-terrain vehicles, some on horseback and some bringing dogs, began searching for Haywood Monday morning. One of them eventually found fresh tracks, which led them right to Haywood, who was jogging in place to stay warm when he was found about 9:40 a.m., Anderson said.

Haywood had no food and was not prepared for the weather, wearing only overalls, a T-shirt and a ball cap. What he did do right was stay in one general area so searchers could find him, Anderson said. He was found only a half-mile away from where he was reported missing.

Anderson said the incident is a good reminder for hunters to use walkie-talkies when hiking in the area because cell phone reception is very spotty and to be prepared for any changes in the weather.

"The weather changes quickly and it can be dramatic. Take extra clothing, food, water and the basics in case you get stuck and have to spend the night," he said.

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