A Granger High School football coach was taken to the hospital after an angry parent reportedly hit the coach in the head with a helmet Friday night, Salt Lake police said.

Darius McCormick was trying to get two players who were upset about a 34-7 loss to Highland to join their teammates on the bus when their father apparently became upset, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Scott White.

"The dad gets upset and says, 'Don't talk to my kids,"' White said. "The coach continues to talk to the kids and the parent decides to grab one of the kid's helmets and literally cold-cock the guy."

McCormick, 27, was taken to the University Hospital with a broken jaw.

The father, Tumua Fagota Siaumau, was arrested for investigation of aggravated assault and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail where he was being held on $7,500 bail Sunday.