Are you having frequent headaches? Do you have knots in your neck, or do you have trouble sleeping?

It may be because of your stress level. And that may have something to do with where you live. conducted a study of the nation's most-stressed cities, and Salt Lake City ranked number eight on the list.

Chicago claims the most anxious citizens in the nation, according to the magazine, followed by New York and Detroit. Others high on the list are Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Cleveland. based its survey on common factors that contribute to stress, such as housing costs, unemployment rates and the daily cost of living.

According to the business news magazine, Salt Lake City has the 13th least-affordable housing in the nation, even as Utahns pay among the highest prices at the gasoline pump.

If that's not enough to rev up your nervous tics, also reported that Salt Lake City has the 14th-highest population density in the U.S., with 281.7 housing units per square mile.