A little rain doesn't seem to bother the fans of country bad boy Toby Keith. They were on their feet and dancing during much of his energetic and openly irreverent show last Saturday at USANA Amphitheater in West Valley City.

Keith delivered a solid performance that began with a promotional video for his new movie, "Beer for My Horses," and ended with two anthems about patriotism and freedom: "American Soldier" and "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue."

"Never apologize for being patriotic," Keith said, punctuating the end of his nearly two-hour set.

His first songs of the night, however, were far from patriotic, but touched on one of three themes: women, beer and being sentimental. Keith kicked off his show by singing "She's a Hottie," then quickly moved into renditions of "Honkytonk U," "High Maintenance Woman" and "I'm Just Talking About Tonight."

Midway through the show, Keith switched to ballads, including "Love Me If You Can," and "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This."

There were fireworks on the stage and a video screen behind Keith and his band that showed clips of the audience and prerecorded images. Every now and again, Keith would change things up by having other artists take the spotlight.

His backup singer, Mica Roberts (also an opening act) belted out a spicy and powerful version of "Lady Marmalade." Keith's guitarist did what he affectionately called the "Chuckie dance," while Eddie Montgomery from Montgomery Gentry came out periodically for some humorous antics.

Montgomery Gentry was the highlighted opening act for Keith. They showed their playful but sentimental brand of music with songs such as "The Big Revival," "Back When I Knew it All" and "Lucky Man."

Eddie Montgomery prowled across the stage and flirted with the audience, while his singing partner, Troy Gentry, was more subdued but still fun. Their act just served to build the energy at the arena after a few rousing and sometimes funny performances by Carter's Chord, Roberts and the group Trailer Choir.

All in all, it was a party of a show, led by Keith's "redneck" and rough brand of country music.

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