When I read Karen Compton's My View (Sept. 17) it took me back to my childhood when my mother ran a day-care center out of our home. Ms. Compton asserts that "more than 139,000 preschool children need care outside the home because both parents must work to make ends meet."

One of the little boys cried when his mother dropped him off, and she explained that she had to work to put food on the table. We all assumed that she, like my mother, was working because she had to. Then one day she showed up in a brand new, full-length mink coat, saying, "It's always been my dream." Then we knew she was working for lifestyle, not for life.

If 139,000 is the number of children from families earning less than the poorest stay-at-home mom's family, then a little help may be in order. Otherwise, I don't think the rest of us should be taxed to subsidize families that make more money than we do. That's Robin Hood in reverse.

Kimberly Sundwall