American political and business leaders cooed and fawned over the Russian "democrat" Vladimir Putin. It was not hard to predict they would soon be eating a large meal of crow — Putin being a KGB agent and all. That meal was recently pulled out of an oven called Georgia.

Our "China doll" business partner will be the next example of America's lapse into historical unconsciousness. NBC's John Cooper Ramos remarked at the Beijing closing ceremonies: "The Chinese spirit tonight is nothing short of unqualified joy."

Boy, was he ever right. The Chinese were celebrating 25 years of pickpocketing the wallets of American workers and emptying the haul into their own. It's getting close to the time when the Chinese will kick out the Americans, steal the wealth and technology we installed there, and get back to the business of repression.

As we now sink into post-Olympic recession we can savor a grand irony. American business giant Lehman Brothers has been rescued by a British firm financed by the bank of mainland China. The best and brightest of Wall Street now work for Chairman Mao.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross