John McCain and Sarah Palin are self-described "mavericks." Webster's dictionary tells us the word "maverick" is from Samuel A. Maverick, an 1870s American pioneer who did not brand his cattle. The word has come to signify an independent individual.

McCain has been in Washington since 1982. Since then, he has developed a reputation of one who acts outside of party lines. After 26 years in the House and now the Senate, McCain has failed to develop a majority with others who see things his way.

If voters want more of the same inability to cooperatively work together, they should elect McCain and Palin. On the other hand, I'd like my neighbors to brand their cattle so there is less fighting about which cow belongs to whom. I'm not inclined to elect a self-described "maverick" to lead us in these tough times.

Charlene Allert

Salt Lake City