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Jason Olson, Deseret News
Author Brandon Mull signs autographs for fans during an appearance at the Pleasant Grove Library Thursday.

PLEASANT GROVE — Brandon Mull, the author of the New York Times best-selling Fablehaven series, took time out of his schedule last week to spend an evening answering questions posed from his many fans and to participate in a book signing.

The basement of the Pleasant Grove Library was full well before Mull made his appearance to an energized group of fans — young and old — of the popular fantasy series. Mull encouraged the crowd to not be afraid to daydream and delivered some tips to would-be writers.

"My advice for new writers is to read a lot, because as you read you are going to sample all different types of stories," he said. "As you sample that, some of it is going to rub off and it will help your ears know how to write something that sounds publishable. The other thing is to write a lot. You might be writing in journal, writing short stories or poems, but everything you write will help you develop your own style."

Before the book signing most of the questions came to Mull, who now lives in Highland, about the future of his Fablehaven series and that of any other projects he might have in the works. While Mull couldn't divulge too many details, he did give some insight into what the future may hold.

The fourth book of the Fablehaven series will be released on March 24, 2009, with the title "Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary." Then the fifth and final book of the Fablehaven series will be released one year after that. Mull also revealed, much to the delight of his fans, that there is a possibility of a sequel to his other book, "The Candy Shop War."

"When I first wrote I was planning on making it a single book, but because so many people ask me about a sequel it has got my imagination spinning and thinking about different possibilities. So there is a decent chance I will write a sequel to 'Candy Shop War."'

Mull is also currently working on a kids picture book but says that his first work following Fablehaven will most likely be a trilogy about a child who crosses over into a different world.

"Kind of like a Narnia-type situation, but a world totally different than Narnia," Mull said. "I won't say too much more about it because I am still forming the book but that is the general idea and it will be different than any other type of book like that."

Mull also confirmed to his fans that the rights for a Fablehaven movie had been purchased by "Spiderman" and "Iron Man" producer Avi Arad. He also said that rights for a "Candy Shop War" movie have also been purchased by New Regency.

Mikaela Arnson, 11, has read all of Mull's books and enjoyed them so much that she got her mom, Karen, started reading them her other children.

"His books are really exciting and I don't like books that are too dark so they are really cool," Arnson said. "I love the mystery behind it."

Cathy Gudmundsen, an aide at Mount Mahogany Elementary in Pleasant Grove brought books for Mull to sign for other teachers. Gudmundsen said the books are extremely popular at the school but are good for people of all ages.

"I have read them all, and I can hardly wait for the movie," she added.

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