LOL. SLCPD wants to totally be your BFF.

In an effort to try to keep teens and younger children safe online, the Salt Lake police have launched their latest crime prevention tool — their own MySpace page.

"There is so much going on there. There is so much predatory activity. By doing this, if someone signs us up as our friend, our police department logo will appear on their screen," said Salt Lake Police Chief Chris Burbank.

And by becoming someone's MySpace friend, it will also allow officers to monitor conversations. Investigators will not be sitting at the computer looking at postings all the time, Burbank said.

"But if we saw something that was really inappropriate, we would contact the people involved," he said.

Detectives would probably start by contacting the person the inappropriate conduct was directed toward, or to that person's parents.

The hope is that by having its own MySpace page, juveniles will pick the department as their top friend or parents will do it for them. By doing that, the aim is to deter predators.

"This is more of a prevention kind of thing than catching bad guys," he said.

Police departments across the country are establishing a visible online presence through networking sights like MySpace. If the effort is successful, Burbank said there are preliminary plans to make a presence in other networks such a Facebook.

"We want to be involved in all sorts of things," he said.

A link to the department's new MySpace page can be found at

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