BOUNTIFUL — Police have arrested two men in connection with a stabbing that has left investigators perplexed.

Officers responded to a report of a stabbing victim who showed up at a convenience store near 400 North and 500 West on Wednesday.

"The victim ends up leaving and driving north, so we stop him on the freeway," said Bountiful Police Lt. Randy Pickett.

Inside the car, officers found a man who had been stabbed in the arm and the chest. He was taken to Lakeview Hospital, but he refused to talk to police.

"He tells us enough to say he was involved in a fight and that's it," Pickett said. "We know other people that were there and they're not talking."

Police said that they were able to arrest two men Thursday night on investigation of attempted murder, but they have refused to talk. Officers believe the fight happened at an apartment complex at 500 West and Center Street, but a motive is a mystery.

"We know that there were witnesses there, but we don't know who they are," said Pickett. "The ones that we have been able to find and talk to aren't talking. The victim's not talking."

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