WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A woman kept alive by a feeding tube since a stroke has died, effectively ending a legal battle between her husband and mother in a case similar to Terry Schiavo, whose fate became the subject of national political debate in 2005.

Karen Weber, 57, had been in and out of a nursing home and Okeechobee hospital since having a stroke in December. She had been on a feeding tube and was suffering from meningitis, according to her family. She died Wednesday.

Weber's husband, Raymond, sought earlier this year to have the feeding tube removed and his wife transferred to a hospice ward, where she would likely die. He contended she was in a vegetative state and would not want to live this way.

But Weber's mother, Martha Tatro, was fighting to keep her alive, arguing she had been alert and responsive at times and wouldn't want to die.

A judge had issued an injunction prohibiting the feeding tube's removal as the case worked through the courts.