A man who was on his way to the Salt Lake County Jail after being arrested for investigation of one charge, ended up being booked on two charges by the time he got there because police said he tried to bribe his way to being released.

Eric Zendejas, 30, allegedly ran a red light at 1600 W. North Temple and nearly collided with a Salt Lake Airport Authority police officer, according to a jail report.

The officer pulled the man over and immediately noticed he had a "strong odor" of alcohol on his breath, the report stated. The driver failed the officer's field sobriety tests and refused to take a Breathalyzer or answer the officer's questions, according to the report.

While en route to jail, Zendejas told the officer if he would drive him to his work, "He would give me anything I wanted," the officer said in the report. He then offered the officer $300 "if I did not take him to jail or charge him with DUI."

"He offered (the officer) a variety of bribes," said airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann.

Zendejas was booked for investigation of his third DUI offense and third-degree felony bribery. He was being held Thursday on no bail for the alleged bribe.