I took my first rush-hour trip via the Legacy Parkway this afternoon and felt like I was on the Transporter Deck of the Starship Enterprise. What's this? Home in just 20 minutes? That's impossible! For those of us who have spent hours every week in stalled commuter traffic, Legacy Parkway feels like a time warp.

But it was a combination of joy and sorrow. When I think how environmentalists and former Mayor Rocky Anderson successfully sued the state and stalled construction of the highway for more than four years, I grieve over the chunks of my life that could have spent elsewhere. I could have spent hundreds of additional hours with my family over those years. Those moments are lost forever.

Rocky's liberal, environmental agenda was flat wrong, expensive and downright damaging to families and communities. The test of time has proven it. I'm very grateful to have a big piece of my life back.

Chris Low