SANDY — A 30-year-old motorcyclist was killed in an accident here Wednesday.

Tyler Carlston, 30, was behind two other vehicles, including a "big box truck," about 2:30 p.m. on 9700 South, said Sandy police Sgt. Victor Quezada.

The driver of the van was trying to find an address and traveling much slower than the 35 mph speed limit.

Carlston decided to pass both vehicles in front of him by driving on the right shoulder, Quezada said. But just as he was moving up to pass, the truck pulled over to the shoulder to let others pass.

Carlston hit the van, which knocked the motorcycle down. The truck's rear wheels ran over both the motorcycle and Carlston. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

No citations were issued. Carlston was determined to be at fault for attempting to pass on the right. Speed and alcohol were not believed to be factors, but Carlston was found to be in possession of a small amount of drugs, Quezada said.