Lawmakers are considering quick-fix, low-cost alternatives to free up space on the gridlocked east-west Salt Lake Valley roads.

Utah Department of Transportation executive director John Njord pitched the preliminary solutions on Tuesday to the Legislature's Transportation Interim Committee. They could include "fairly novel ideas" such as lanes that reverse depending on the flow of traffic or having different roads with more lanes in one direction, known as "unbalanced" lanes.

With "unbalanced" lanes, for example, 4100 South would have three lanes in one direction, with one lane going the other. Then, the next major east-west road, 4700 South, would be flipped, with three lanes going the opposite direction and the other lane the other way around.

The "reversible" lanes would switch the middle turn lane on busy roads into a lane that would go the direction of heavy traffic. Njord said the middle turning lane on 5400 South, 7800 South and 9000 South would turn into an extra lane, following the heavy flow of traffic depending on the time of day.