MasterSlashSlave plays upbeat, synthesizer-driven music, according to band founder guitarist/synthesist/singer Matt Jones.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the duo MasterSlashSlave is that it's a Goth band.

"It's not," said founder guitarist/synthesist/singer Matt Jones during a phone call from the band's base in San Francisco. "The name refers to the relationship between midi synth and electric currents, but, of course, no one sees that. They hear that we're a band from San Francisco and automatically think we're this kind of band.

"I think I may need to change the name soon."

MasterSlashSlave has been around since 2006, although Jones and drummer Matt Morgan have not been making music together for very long.

"Matt is my sixth drummer," he said with a laugh. "It's a long story. But we've been playing together for a few weeks. And now, we're going on tour."

Jones said he was "in a five-piece band that literally fell apart. It got down to me and a drummer. And we decided not to get anyone else to join us and do it as a duo."

However, that drummer got into some legal hassles, and with each successive drummer that came thereafter, there was another problem.

"So one day I was complaining to my publicist who lives in Oregon and she said she had a friend who would be perfect," said Jones. "So I flew up there and jammed with him. He, in turn, flew down and now we're going on tour."

MasterSlashSlave plays upbeat, synthesizer-driven music, much like bands did in 1980s, Jones said.

"In fact, I have two synths and a sequencer from the '80s that I use. It gives the music that extra feeling."

In addition to the revolving door of drummers, the other problem Jones had to face when booking the tour (by himself) was high gas prices.

"I recently bought a new car," he said. "And I'm kicking myself in the face because I bought it only because the equipment for the tour fit. There was another car that was smaller and had better mileage, but all the equipment wouldn't fit. I mean I was at the dealers with my girlfriend and all my equipment trying to find ways to pack the stuff in. I wish I would have taken a little more time to see what I could have left behind.

"But I didn't, and, consequently, the car I have has great gas mileage, but not the best."

If you go ...

What: MasterSlashSlave

Where: W Lounge, 358 S. West Temple

When: Today, 7 p.m.

How much: $7

Phone: 359-0637


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