Florida alligators, declared an endangered species in 1967, were reopened for a limited public harvest in 1988. The harvest has been conducted annually since then under varying rules. In 2007, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issued 4,528 permits by drawing, which resulted in the harvest of 5,954 animals. This year, 5,125 permits were issued. None is left. Each in-state permit holder must pay $270 for a license and two tags. For nonresidents, the fee is $1,000. Permit holders can take friends along on a gator hunt by paying $51.50 apiece for an agent's license. Guns cannot be used to harvest gators. Permit holders can keep or sell gator meat, which brings about $4 to $6 a pound. Hides, depending on size and quality, can bring $30 to $40 per foot. For more information, visit www.myFWC.com/gators.