KBZN ("The Breeze," FM-97.9) is reinventing itself.

The station no longer features "smooth jazz" but rather "smooth adult contemporary" music.

"We are custom-designing KBZN to be the Wasatch Front's 'Smooth AC' station, which is how Arbitron now describes 'Smooth Jazz' in its format listings," said Dan R. Jessop, KBZN operations director.

"We believe this is the perfect market to move the format into more familiar sounding instrumentals and vocals. We are excited but love our listeners who preferred just instrumentals. We hope they and a lot of new samplers will become familiar with 'The Breeze' and make us their first choice for Smooth Music."

Jessop said many markets nationally don't have smooth jazz or smooth AC stations. As a matter of fact, WJJZ in Philadelphia dumped the smooth jazz format this month.

"We are proud to be in on the beginning of a new Smooth revolution with a music mix that will appeal most in this market," Jessop said.

In many respects, KBZN will now sound a lot more like KSFI ("FM-100") and KOSY. The change is also being made in hopes of attracting new listeners. KBZN had a 1.6 percent share of the age 12-plus audience (18th place) in the latest Arbitron estimates.

CLASSICAL ELECTIONS — Tired of the presidential election chatter? KBYU offers a change of pace in the 2008 race. The station is asking listeners to vote for their favorite classical composer, whether it be Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, or, perhaps, Copland or Shostakovich.

Go to www.classical89.org through Sept. 26 to select a party (Wigs, Beethovenists or Revolutionaries) and vote for one of the candidates listed.

Then, between Oct. 6-10, listeners can cast a vote online for the three finalists. Tune in Saturday, Oct. 11, 3:30 p.m., or go online then to find out who the winner is.

RADIO HAPPENINGS — KNRS radio (AM-570) can now be heard on FM-105.7/HD-2. This isn't the same as regular FM, though. You must have a special HD radio receiver to get it. Prices for these HD units start at $99.99

"Mick and Allen," afternoon drive-time personalities on KBER, have a "Rockin' Mexican Riviera Cruise" planned Feb. 25-March 4, 2009, and they're inviting listeners to come along. Go to www.kber.com for more details.

"Johnson and Johnson" and their producer, Matt Ramone, and staff on KUBL pulled off a successful texting contest that culminated with Jessica Simpson's visit to Weber High School Monday. The event, which had a short planning window, came off pretty well, though the DJs were disappointed the media were not allowed at the school assembly featuring Simpson.

TWENTY YEARS AGO IN SALT LAKE RADIO — KCPX becomes KENZ, with Lyle Morris, Herb Jepko, Mike Carver, Morgan Evans and Lee Preston.

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