CEDAR HILLS — A year ago, Highland, Alpine and Cedar Hills participated in a feasibility survey on developing a joint recreation/aquatics center.

While the results of the survey showed that residents were overwhelmingly in favor of the idea, getting the cities to agree to build it could be a different story.

"The original thoughts were to create a Lone Peak recreation district which would facilitate in developing a recreation and aquatics center for the three cities," Cedar Hills city manager Konrad Hildebrandt said. "And actually that plan for the recreation district was initially put together by a resident of Alpine."

Alpine School District was also set to be a partner in the initiative after seeing the interest in the area. However, the Alpine City Council wasn't too keen on the project without knowing all the construction costs. The council also expressed concern about the lack of revenue in comparison to the other cities.

But with the plan still in its infant stages, Cedar Hills officials were unable to give Alpine a projected budget without knowing which cities would fully participate. Voters in the three cities also would have to approve a construction bond to cover some of the costs, which makes an agreement more difficult.

"Some of the other cities are wondering how much is it going to cost exactly, but unless we can put it out to the voters we don't know what the cost is going to be because we don't know how many of us will be involved," Hildebrandt said. "I don't think our neighbors are totally against it, but they are not ready to carry it."

Cedar Hills has been saving money since 1998 when it imposed an impact fee designed to help build a recreation facility in the future. The city now has $3 million set aside for such a project.

While not everyone is on board yet, Cedar Hills Mayor Mike McGee reminded the council that it has options.

"We have the support of the people of Cedar Hills," he said. "The survey came back at almost 70 percent in favor of a recreational facility. So that is one area of support, and we also have the school district that has been supportive of it."

Hildebrandt told the council that it needs to decide whether the facility should be built for Cedar Hills only or if it should be built and marketed to other cities as well. They also need to decide what it will include, such as an aquatics center.

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