Authorities have reported a total of 47 deaths in 10 states as Ike moved from Texas northeastward across the U.S. midsection:

Texas — 17, including at least three who died from carbon monoxide poisoning after using generators.

Louisiana — six, including two contractors who were electrocuted.

Tennessee — two, both golfers killed by a falling tree.

Arkansas — one, a woman killed by a tree falling on a mobile home.

Ohio — six, including five by falling trees and one person electrocuted while working on a generator.

Indiana — seven, including a father and son killed helping children escape from a ditch.

Illinois — two, including an elderly man found in a flooded backyard.

Missouri — four, including a woman struck by a tree limb and an elderly man suspected of drowning in a flooded yard.

Kentucky — one, a 10-year-old boy struck by a tree limb while mowing a lawn.

Pennsylvania — one, a 46-year-old man struck by tree limb while helping remove a large tree from a house.