WEST JORDAN — A 19-year-old West Jordan woman has been arrested in connection with stealing a bicycle, and she allegedly lied about where she was when the incident occurred.

On June 9, the woman was observed sneaking into a garage near 600 E. Holstein Way to steal a bike, police said. The homeowner chased after the woman, who promptly dropped the bike and fled in a white car, police said.

Police later found and interviewed the woman, who swore she was working at the Cheesecake Factory on the date in question. She wrote and signed a statement testifying such.

But the alibi was hardly watertight. Police interviewed three managers at the Cheesecake Factory, whose statements contradicted the woman's story.

The woman has been arrested in connection with burglary, a second-degree felony; theft; and two class B misdemeanors in connection with theft and writing a false statement.