Brad Garrett

Brad Garrett isn't up for an Emmy on Sunday night for his Fox sitcom "'Til Death," but he's probably too busy to care anyway.

"Death" (Wednesdays, 8 p.m., Ch. 13) had its third-season premiere last week, new online series "Dating Brad Garrett" debuted Monday on, and he underwent a prostate exam on live television during the Sept. 5 "Stand Up to Cancer" fundraiser.

"At the end of the day, I'm pretty darn shy, but it was easy," Garrett said of the experience. "I was pretty much hoping they'd go down there and find my career."

The truth is, his career is doing just fine.

In the role of Eddie Stark on "Death," Brad found a part that helped him to leave his "Everybody Loves Raymond" alter-ego of Robert Barone behind after nine years, 207 episodes and three Emmy wins.

"He's closer to myself than anything else I've ever played," he said of Eddie, who's married to Joely Fisher's Joy Stark. "He's really just a big kid with crazy ideas and schemes to get to that next place in his life where he thinks he belongs."

The dating show he's involved in shows the newly divorced Brad re-entering the dating world.

"This is more a comedy take of me being single than looking for love," he said. "It's not like 'The Bachelor' with the mannequin standing there at the castle with a rose in his hand."

Brad said to expect some laughs.

"I come from the world of improv and I love any opportunity that allows me to be in the moment," he said. "These (Webisodes) are totally me and a poor, helpless date in a room together."

So who is his ideal date?

"Someone who won't run to the authorities," he joked. "Someone who understands that I'm a big kid with trouble growing up. It's a sweat. I'm a strong cup of coffee — that's what the shrink keeps telling me."